Some Of Us one

My very first minicomic! Contains a collection of drawings and some of
my first comics, awkward interactions with guys and police officers.
7" x 8.5",12pp, 2010.

$1.75 + $1 S&H (US)

Some Of Us two!

Nearly twice the size of Some Of Us one, both in paper size and content,
Some Of Us two features many large comics about misunderstandings and
substitute teaching, among other things. Contains some comics never before
seen on! Each cover is hand screen printed and
signed, and your order includes a personalized sketch on the front end paper.
8.5" x 11", 22pp, 2011.

$6.25 + $2 S&H (US)

Some Of Us three!

A thick collection of autobio comics both seen and unseen on Someday
I Won't Suck, Some Of Us three features car crashes, awkward interactions,
adventures in places near and far, and of course, substitute teaching.
Beautifully printed by Hill's in Troy on thick, smooth 32lb paper with hand
carved block printed covers (by Emily, also in Troy).
Content warning: contains instances of mild potty humor and periodic F-bombs.
5.5" x 8.5", 63pp, 2012.

$6 + $3 S&H (US)

$6 + $6 S&H (int'l)

Some Of Us 4-issue Subscription!

The next four issues of Some Of Us, delivered right to your door as soon as
they come out! Includes holiday mailings and supplements! (Please note: future
issues of Some Of Us will never be as thin as Some Of Us one). Your subscription
lasts as long as it takes me to complete 4 issues of Some Of Us; it could last
one year, it could last several!

$22 + $4 S&H (US)

$22 + $12 S&H (int'l)

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