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Sly Sludge July 13th, 2012 I keep seeing people spraying Round-Up on the weeds in their sidewalk cracks, their hands on the spray nozzle mere inches away from the weed. I just want to scream at them, "Don't you know you're creating superweeds? Don't you know you're poisoning the earth? Don't you know Monsanto is poisoning you for monetary gain?" Ugh. It's especially on my mind lately because recently (following King Corn), I made my best friend watch Deborah Koons Garcia's The Future of Food. If you haven't seen it or can't find it, I made a children's book sort of thing about it, which boils down the message. You can read that here. Basically, it's about how Monsanto exploited the US Seed Bank and patent system and has been screwing over small family farmers in an attempt to control the production of (and therefor the profits from) food.

I made a video about weeds, and how they're not so bad after all. Watch it if you'd like.

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