Once on a quest to find indie Spanish language comics, I came across El Estafador. It seems to be a sort of anthology of indie strips around a given theme. I think the first one I ever saw was menstruation. I don't know if this sort of thing exists in English, but I really like the way it helps me find new comics artists. SO (you know where this is headed) I present to you my brainchild:

I've got a lot of friends that make comics, and a lot of friends that are just getting into making comics. And you. You reading this, even if I don't know you. Whoever. Comics around a theme, open submission.

The next theme is: ............... Cold As Ice.

email links to your strip ( *.jpg, ~1000 pixels wide) to PlethoraOfComics@gmail.com

September 15th is the deadline. Encourage friends to participate and feel free to email with any questions.

And check out the latest collection here!

A few things to consider when submitting your comic:

Plethora is on a white background, so consider the edges of your comic. Cropping or erasing anything that isn't intentionally part of your comic will help avoid things detracting from your work.

The 1000 pixel guideline helps your comics to look sharp on the screen. Avoid submitting files that are tiny. I don't need print size, but about 1000px wide is great.

We have a wide variety of style and experience. If you've made a comic for Plethora, please please PLEASE submit it! Don't feel that you're "not good enough." That's bull. We're all improving, but we've all gotta start somewhere. Don't deprive us of your comic!

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