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Hourly Comic, 11/9/10 November 10, 2010 There is this meme among comics that is the hourly comic.
It is a spawn of the 24-hour comic day (a challenge invented by Scott McCloud for Steve Bissette).

So the idea is, every hour you make a comic about something that happened that hour.
Every hour you're awake anyhow. I decided it might be a fun challenge.


When I have time for making comics, nothing interesting is happening & vice versa.

It's a lot of pressure to choose what deserves to be included.
Maybe something more interesting will happen in the last 10 minutes.
I never inked until after.

Are there ethical responsibilities within comics? For some reason, I felt like
I had to use realism in place of metaphor / symbolism.

I also became a little too cognizant of how I was representing my life. I could make myself
seem very social or very anti-social just depending on the parts of my hour I chose to represent.
I left out the part where I went to Kinko's and was a jerk about the weight of the paper and the light splotches
in my field of black. I left out the part where I went to the record store to drop off a couple comics and
ended up buying three dollar records. In other media I don't think that it is necessary to show the whole truth,
but for some reason, it became a concern here.

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