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Hindsight April 26, 2011 Clearly, if I had spent some time considering it, I wouldn't have squished an ant in a vegan bakery. I'll chalk it up to the fact that a lot of my friends who've gone vegan recently have done so for health reasons; the animal rights aspect of it completely slipped my mind. I just saw a problem with two possible solutions: take care of it myself or complain. I liken this to the time I removed a hair from a fast food breakfast sandwich and proceeded to eat it. (For the record, my friends stopped me and made me bring it back.) And so yeah, I'm not vegan, but I liked the fact that there's a vegan bakery in my town, and I'd been making it a point to patronize it, even if that was just buying one of their cookies from the co-op. No more. I form and hold grudges, and I bet they'll be happier without my ant smushing business anyway.

Do you think it's bad karma to print this one and leave it in their bakery?