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Car Trouble December 7th, 2016 Luckily, the other guy just drove off. I've watched people walk past a trash can to throw styrofoam takeout containers in the canal before. It drives me bonkers. What do they think becomes of non-biodgradeable trash in our waterways?

I made this comic for my friend Ira's Skillshare class Draw a Diary Comic. I've been big on the Skillshare train lately, and if you want to take this class too, you can get 3 months of skillshare for less than a single dollar with my referral link here. Ira is a rad dude and a great teacher. I actually met him a bunch of years ago when I took a comics class he was teaching in Troy. If you've ever seen my mini, I Don't Really Use a Recipe, that was from his class.

I've started painting signs.